Single Women

Solo Motherhood

Doing it alone, needn’t be lonely…

Becoming a single mother by choice is becoming more common as many women decide to proactively take their next steps towards parenthood through the use of donor sperm and sometimes donor eggs too.

This process doesn’t come without its challenges such as, choosing a clinic, undertaking initial fertility tests, treatment and choosing a donor. As well as all the feelings and emotions that form a big part of your journey.

At Fertility Know How we have unique experience of working with single women in guiding and supporting you through this process via personalised coaching, signposting to respected services, counselling and support charities.

We also hold regular events (over 30 to date) and facilitate networks for those who would like to connect with others in similar situations in order to share information and experiences.

For more information about our services and future events, please do contact us.