Holistic Therapies

Your Emotional Wellbeing Is Crucial For Fertility Too …

Self-care is a key component of fertility treatment for both women and men.

Our minds and bodies are intrinsically linked so it makes sense to support your emotional wellbeing too when trying to conceive.

Research shows that suffering from infertility can cause significant levels of anxiety, depression and feelings of frustration, fear and isolation.

These types of feelings can have a huge impact on how the body functions. This can potentially affect how your body copes with fertility treatments.

Holistic therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Reflexology, and Hypnotherapy can reduce stress and create a sense of control and well-being that may be beneficial to fertility success rates. They are often used alongside fertility treatment due to these benefits.


Acupuncture is one of the most common types of holistic therapy that’s used prior to or alongside fertility treatments. There is some evidence that acupuncture can promote balance, regulate the stress hormones that may impact on implantation rates and increase blood flow to the uterine lining and reproductive organs. If you have been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), acupuncture may also help manage symptoms and could increase your chances of success.


Reflexology is another holistic therapy that can promote balance before, during and after fertility treatment. The feet are divided into key zones, which correspond with areas in the body. For fertility reflexology, the areas that are worked on will be linked to the reproductive system.


Reiki promotes balance and aligns the mind and body. The stress and frustration of infertility can lead to energy blockages. Reiki therapists can pick up on messages from your body, which may throw light on unexplained infertility. If both partners are treated with Reiki therapy, it can help remove energy blocks that may affect the success of fertility treatment.


Hypnotherapy can provide the tools to support your emotional wellbeing while undergoing fertility treatment. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, encourage a more positive mindset, work through emotional blocks and address unhelpful habits that may impact on the success of fertility treatment.

Accessing holistic therapies can help you feel calmer and more balanced as you move through your fertility journey, and they can benefit both partners. This can encourage positive results at any stage of your fertility journey – whether you’re just thinking about fertility treatment or are embarking on it right now.

At FKH, we work with our team of trusted and accredited practitioners to provide you with peace of mind that you are being treated by the best experts in their fields.

If you need help deciding which holistic therapies will work best for you, please do get in touch and we can help address your specific needs.