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Improving Results For Everybody

Better results for everyone is what the fertility industry is striving for. In a competitive market, we can help your clinic or service stand out from the crowd (on and offline) whilst enhancing your patients’ experience through our Clinical Operations Consulting Service and Training Programmes.

Let’s expedite your success!

In conjunction with The IVF Company, we can take the stress out of innovating your clinic and position you for success.

  • We can provide specialist clinical advice about setting up your clinic & laboratory, purchasing equipment, staff training, quality control, policies and procedures and more.
  • All designed to position you as a market leader in your field.

Our partner, Shadi Khalil, is from The IVF Company – one of the leading Embryologists in the UK. He has a wealth of experience in the NHS and the elite private sector that he can bring to your organisation, meaning you achieve your goals faster.

Supporting Your Patients

With a decade of expertise in the fertility sector and personal experience of infertility, Cindy can provide additional support for your clinic and patients.

Her highly empathic style of coaching is designed specifically for the fertility sector and is invaluable for patients as they progress on their journey. Her ASPIRE Coaching programme is tried and tested and means that your patients’ emotional and physical wellbeing is supported, leaving you free to focus on the science of getting them pregnant.

Here’s a taster of what we can offer:

Specialist clinical advice about setting up your clinic & laboratory, purchasing equipment, staff training, quality control, policies and procedures and more in conjunction with the IVF Company.

Fertility Coaching

Emotional support for your patients during their fertility journey.

Including support with Work/life balance from pre-conception into early parenting. Access to trusted and highly qualified UK trained Counsellors for Therapeutic and Implications Counselling. Nutrition/weight management in association with highly qualified Nutritionists and Dieticians. Referrals for Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy and Reiki using trusted and vetted practitioners. Ongoing support for your patients during pregnancy and into early parenting.

Marketing & Content

We can support you with content for your website and social media marketing to improve reach and engagement based on our experience and knowledge of patients’ needs. We can also assist with Open Days and exhibitions. Also, we can support you with online and offline presentations about Preconception Care for your patients when they are trying to conceive to enhance the services they are already receiving.

All guidance is based on UK NHS guidelines.


Training for clinical and administrative staff on the patient experience.

Sales training for Enquiries Staff.

Customer Service Training for Reception and Admin staff.

Service Recovery training for preventing and handling complaints.

Logistics Management

Assistance with arrangements for overseas patients including travel, accommodation, concierge services and support.

We are also able to assist with the transportation of gametes.

Social & Support

Fertility support groups/events for couples and single women (over 60 held to date) with innovative facilitation and high-quality speakers.

These events can take place in person or be done virtually according to the situation.

Service Refinement

We can help with product/service design based on our own experiences over the last 20 years. We can also help to coordinate and facilitate Focus Groups on or offline to discuss your product or service to gain user feedback. This is a really useful way to make sure your product is ready for market.


Are you keen to keep abreast of industry developments and research? We have access to a unique network of clinical, academic and holistic practitioners in the UK, Middle East, India and beyond.

Please talk to us about your plans and we may be able to connect you to appropriate partners in the field.

Partnership Development

We support charities such as The Fertility Network, The Donor Conception Network, Miscarriage Association, Resolve and more…

If your organisation would like to engage in philanthropic activities and events, please do get in touch for more information and suitable opportunities!

Let’s make sure your clinic is positioned to deliver the best results for your patients in a timely and cost-effective way!

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